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Field studies and surveys
Our goal

We conduct scientific studies and surveys, with innovative methodologies and strongly anchored in the field, in order to document the social and environmental dynamics within the territories. We combine our scientific expertise with our field knowledge in order to dialogue with all stakeholders. We offer quality analyses that aim to support the development of adapted actions reinforcing social and environmental sustainability.

What do we do?

Our two main areas of expertise are social and spatial marginalities and environment-society interactions. Migration and mobility, agriculture and rurality, associative and humanitarian action, social and economic inequalities, illustrate our priority themes.

We design our studies to meet the needs of our clients. Our strength is our ability to create and deploy adapted and innovative methodologies. We conduct exploratory research to understand and measure a phenomenon; multi-actor territorial diagnostics; agrarian diagnostics; diagnostics of activity systems; bibliographical analyses; analyses actors’ networks; analyses of web practices; analyses of actors' games and analyses of socio-ecosystems.

Ethics is at the heart of our "ways of doing things", i.e. we develop studies and surveys that reduce social asymmetries between researchers and respondents, and that take into account the knowledge of all the actors involved. Our tools and methods are therefore targeted. More specifically, we mobilize qualitative, participatory and visual survey methods, which reflect this desire to strengthen the social link between actors and thus support actions that tend towards greater social and environmental sustainability.

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