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Our work: the rigor of the scientific approach to accompany the action.






Valorization and scientific mediation

Professional training and support

NARRAU's activities are carried out in a methodical, reflective and customized manner for each project. Indeed, our missions are adapted to your needs:

You are a company

Transfer and operationalize scientific skills for your projects.

You are a public institution

Identifying societal changes and citizens' practices to support decision aid.

You are a university or a school

Transmit our scientific knowledge and skills to your students. Share the results of our independent research, carried out with recognized researchers.

You are a researcher

Enhance and promote your research in the digital age.

You are an organization

Understand and document the social situations of your target audiences in order to accompany you in your projects.

You are engaged in a similar activity

Collaborate and become a partner of NARRAU.


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